Sunday , 2 August 2015

The Honky Tonk Man Talks Hogan, Piper, Roberts & More

The Honky Tonk Man took part in a Q&A at today’s Mid-Atlantic Fanfest. Here is a selection from the session, courtesy of Mike Johnson and… Honky was asked about The Ultimate Warrior and Roddy Piper. He said Warrior was a good businessman. He said it was weird in that it sounded like he gave his own eulogy. He said ... Read More »

Dana White Calls Wrestling ‘Fake’, Wrestlers Get Pissed Off

When a fan started discussing with UFC President Dana White that his PPVs were to expensive as compared to the WWE Network, he didn’t know what he started. White got into it with the fan about wrestling being fake, which led to Seth Rollins, Bully Ray, Austin Aries and others getting involved. Big difference between “FAKE” and “SCRIPTED” Dana. Try ... Read More »

PHOTOS: Hulk Hogan & Mike Tyson Together On Saturday

Hulk Hogan made an appearance on Saturday at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago, Illinois. He was spotted hanging out with Mike Tyson. You can see photos below: After the news yesterday I needed someone to cheer me up. Thanks Mike much love . HH Posted by Hulk Hogan on Saturday, August 1, 2015 100% DIRECT LINK (PHOTOS): Chris Jericho ... Read More »

PHOTO: John Cena’s Nose Following Surgery

A photo has been posted on Instagram of John Cena and Daniel Bryan at last night’s WWE event in San Diego. You can see John Cena’s nose after he had surgery earlier this week. Awesome night watching our favorite Divas dominate!!! #bellaarmy #briemode #fearlessnikki #wwesandiego A photo posted by Kelly (@kelstrick7) on Aug 1, 2015 at 11:15am PDT 100% DIRECT ... Read More »

WWE Stock Rises Last Week, Early ‘Taker/Lesnar Betting Odds

– WWE’s stock closed at $19.57 yesterday, with an increase of 19 cents. A lot of companies have WWE’s stock rated as a buy with a price target in the area of $24-$25. The stock price increase is in thanks to WWE’s release of their second quarter financials. – Bet Wrestling reports that The Undertaker is currently the favorite to ... Read More »

Ex-Tough Enough Contestant Reacts To Triple H & Elimination

Former Tough Enough contestant Michael Hayes spoke about working with HHH and more. He was part of the early WWE Network specials and didn’t make it to the USA TV show. He chose to leave the show early on. Here are highlights: On his experience with Tough Enough and working with HHH: “My whole experience there was really, really positive. ... Read More »

Loads More Reactions To Roddy Piper’s Passing Inside Here

UPDATE: PIX11 in New York City recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Gene Okerlund on the passing of his friend Roddy Piper. Below are some highlights. His reaction to Piper’s passing: “Oh my god… totally devastated because Scott, this is the third in a row for me in the last six and a half weeks. First of course Verne Gagne, ... Read More »

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